Monday, September 08, 2008

Moving On

Well, last weekend I rearranged the living room, and then this past week I cleaned up the kitchen, so it only seemed appropriate that I finally address the bedrooms.

It started when Pumpkin and Rugger decided to play in their "club house", which happened to be our bedroom. And so I decided to ask them if they'd like their own room to play in, and sleep in, with all of their toys (which the babies can't get to with a gate on the door) and they enthusiastically said, "YES!!!"

So I began moving. Beds. Dressers. Shelves. Without Boom home, I used some muscles that I haven't felt in awhile. And with the humidity, I was dripping more than once. And I realized again just how much JUNK (oops, I mean TOYS) we really have. Finding homes for all of them is a day-long job....actually I was up way past bedtime still putting things away.

But I finally got it all done. And with two mattresses I got from my midwife we now have Pumpkin and Rugger upstairs in the big bedroom, with the little bedroom serving guests and a toyroom for the babies. And downstairs is Boom and I with the babies next to us in a twin bed. Which is still being worked out as the babies are used to sleeping in certain positions...namely against me and Boom!

I did miss the two older ones, though they didn't miss us. (Rugger DID burn his finger on the new lamp I put on their beds, but didn't even cry out, and the blister is HUGE, which he then TORE OPEN....!!!) I guess he isn't one for talking during Children's Church on Sundays, but yesterday he told the kids all about his new lamp, and the burn (which I didn't know about) and how he picked it (Pumpkin's idea as she told him she chews her fingers - which she gets from Boom), and then the bandaid I put on it....the whole shebang. He had the older kids rolling on the floor laughing because they've never heard Rugger say so much before. And the teacher (our pastor's wife, a wonderful, funny Irish woman) kept trying to continue with the lesson, but then Rugger would jump right back in with, "...and then my DOG..."

I also found a lot of stuff to get rid of or send to the Outpost (our church's local hand-me-down store which is non-profit, doesn't pay the volunteers, and the proceeds go to local needs.)

The only thing that made me really sad was all the baby blankets. I'm keeping the ones that are so familiar that looking at them is like looking at me oldest daughter's smile. They are the ones I can still see her in, all the way through her brother, and even down to the little ones. They'll stay for playing with, and then eventually as keepsakes.

Well, I don't really want to end this post, but the babies are both climbing on me, and are trying to destroy the computer, so sianara!

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